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Whether you require the translation of a contract, the legalisation of a degree or the translation of a tender dossier that cannot wait, a reliable partner is a must. Our team of professionals will advise you of the likely volume and price of the translation and will give you a realistic estimate of the project timeframe, facilitating procedures and saving you time and money.

Should we need to clarify any aspect of the translation or determine that additional information is necessary, we will contact the client for clarification and guidance.



By choosing the service of SOLTRA, you choose a team of professionals that is a patent guarantee for the quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction that will exceed your expectations.

SOLTRA has earned and maintains an excellent reputation on the market of translation and interpreting services by adhering to several key principles:

We work with highly competent professional translators and interpreters

An in-house team of revisers

Quality Management System

Training of managers, revisers and translators

Customised teams responsible for individual projects

SOLTRA is capable of putting together competent teams for the implementation of large projects within tight timeframes. Our project managers have the necessary skills in both project planning and quality assurance.


Loss of data can be a critical test for any business and have a strongly negative impact on our suppliers and clients.

At SOLTRA we take the reliable data protection arrangements very seriously. There are 2 mirrored servers at the office onto which files are copied automatically. This means that should an unforeseen contingency arise we are capable of retrieving information quickly and with minimal losses.

In view of the nature of our work we consider effective virus protection to be of critical importance. All software and workstations are protected by an antivirus programme that monitors the network on a permanent basis. In addition, there is a strict requirement for all files to be scanned to viruses, regardless of whether they have been received by e-mail, on disk or transmitted via another portable data storage electronic device.


Strict compliance with client deadlines is an essential component of quality in the translation industry. The modern dynamic business environment appreciates swift and flexible response and optimal time management.

SOLTRA has worked hard to earn the reputation of a trustworthy and dependable partner that clients can fully rely on both in the course of conducting their daily business and in emergencies.

Deadlines are agreed at the time when a client commissions a translation. Each client will promptly receive information about feasible deadlines and the corresponding prices for service delivery in order to be able to make an informed decision about the type of service they prefer or need to use – ordinary, fast or express.



Whether you plan to hold a confidential meeting, a business workshop or a large international conference, you will need the services of a competent and reliable interpreter.

SOLTRA has a wealth of experience in arranging events that require interpreting – either simultaneous or consecutive – gained over the course of organising countless local and international corporate and institutional events.

You can rely on us for a preliminary appraisal of the requirements for the event on the basis of a set of defined parameters and for the competent selection of skilled interpreters.


SOLTRA operates in accordance with all relevant national and international integrity standards and follows fair and transparent corporate governance rules. The company actively promotes business integrity and a high standard of ethical conduct based on mutual trust and cooperation. Client satisfaction is one of our key priorities and a leading principle that underlines all our actions and decisions. 


In view of the nature of translation SOLTRA has built the necessary capacity to protect data and information systems from unauthorised access, use and disclosure to third parties and to prevent its mishandling, modification and deletion. Any information received from clients, regardless of whether online, by phone, fax or by post, is handled in accordance with our internal information security procedures. The company does not retain copies, whether or disk or in printed format, of any material received for translation or of actual translated documents.

All company employees and freelance translators we work with sign confidentiality agreements whereby they undertake not to disclose any information that may come into their knowledge or possession in the course of translation to third parties, companies or organisations or make any personal use of such information.


Fast track to receiving a quote
Contact us by completing an online enquiry/order form, by e-mail or by phone on +359 882486067. It will be our pleasure to give you a quote that is customised to any specific requirements you may have.

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