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First class (conference) interpreting is a key ingredient of the success of any international event. Regardless of whether attending a face-to-face meeting, business workshop or a large international conference, competent and reliable interpreters are a must.

SOLTRA has a wealth of experience of providing interpreting services and event management for numerous national and international events at corporate and institutional level. Depending on the format of the event we provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.


We provide:

  • translators to and from all major European languages,
  • rent of meeting rooms,
  • rental of technical equipment,
  • entire event management.


Prices for interpretation are calculated according to the language combination, subject area and duration of the event. Minimum length for interpretation assignment in Sofia is 2 hours, outside Sofia – 4 hours.

When technical equipment is ordered all travelling expenses, including fares, accommodation and an appropriate per diem allowance are calculated separately.

For more detailed information and quotation please fill the online form.

How we work

Time line to order interpretation services:

  • Large multinational events and high profile events – 15 working days
  • Consecutive interpretation – 5 working days

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Speech is translated simultaneously keeping up with the pace of the speaker with a hardly discernible delay. Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of specialist technical equipment and qualified engineers responsible for its installation and proper functioning during events. Delegates listen to the translation in their language of choice by using headsets, which relay the translation on different language channels. Interpreting is handled by teams of highly-specialist professionals who work in sound-proof interpreting booths.

What is consecutive interpreting?

In this mode of interpreting, the speaker and interpreter take turns speaking after typically short speech segments of two-three sentences. Consecutive interpreting is suitable for events attended by small groups of participants, for example informal meetings, reception parties and social functions, study tours, etc.


Fast track to receiving a quote
Contact us by completing an online enquiry/order form, by e-mail or by phone on +359 882486067. It will be our pleasure to give you a quote that is customised to any specific requirements you may have.

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